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Maximizing the Value of every Sales Opportunity

CORE Value Selling is a globally focused Sales Optimization Organization dedicated to providing our clients with practical, yet high impact sales training and consulting solutions.

CORE Value Selling’s full-service approach allows you to work with one trusted vendor throughout your Sales Optimization journey from:

CORE Value Selling’s full-service approach

CORE Value Selling’s consultants and trainers are highly experienced senior business executives with strong backgrounds in sales and sales leadership. Our vast experience enables us to support our clients in achieving results that cannot be achieved through the use of internal resources or traditional classroom training alone.    

Message from Founder

Zane Inglis Founder Core Value Selling

Since drifting into the world of sales by pure chance in 1992, I have the pleasure of working with thousands of Sale Professionals from 25 countries, across 30 different industries. Throughout my journey I constantly wondered what separates the best of the best from the rest of the pack, and how their strengths and characteristics could be more effectively replicated to help others to perform at their level. ...

Over the past 10 years I have spent thousands of days interviewing, observing and coaching Senior Executives, Sales Managers and Sales Professionals both in office and in live selling situations. Though this experience I have been able to analyze and identify a number of the common strengths and characteristics of the top performers I have been lucky enough to work with, and more importantly, which can be replicated through training and development. As well as identifying what companies should be focusing on as they look to replicate the success of their top performers, I have also been able to develop a number of highly effective methodologies that can be used to transfer these best practices across an entire organization. The CORE Value Selling approach to Sales Optimization is designed to support our clients throughout their Sales Optimization journey, from the first steps of consultative analysis, the creation of robust growth platforms, through to the implementation of practical and field-relevant training programs. The CORE Value Selling approach is created around the concept of “Simplified Enhancement”.

That is, applying our practical methodologies and vast experience in order to support our clients in overcoming complex challenges faster and more effectively than can be achieved by traditional training methods. In creating the CORE Value Selling concept, it was vital for me to develop a practical methodology that was engaging and relevant for senior board members, yet simple enough to inspire front-line Sales Personnel to reach their true potential. In order to achieve my goal of Simplified Enhancement, I was able to identify Value as the one common decision-making factor that influences every sales transaction regardless of industry or market. That is, a customer will only ever purchase a product or service they see true Value in at the time they make the purchase. Thus, as Sales Professionals, if we are able to demonstrate more Value than our competitors, we will significantly increase our likelihood of closing a sale.

The key to the success of CORE Value Selling is our ability to link our concept to the real-world Challenges being faced by individual Sales Personnel, thus inspiring them to make the changes needed to maximize the potential of every sales opportunity. Contact us today to find out how CORE Value Selling can help you demonstrate the true Value of the solutions you have to offer.


Locations and Partners

With strong-roots in the Asia Pacific region, CORE Value Selling maintains a strong presence in that region while continually expanding our global reach through our network of international partners.

CORE Value Selling Offices

  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Wellington, New Zealand
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