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Executive Sales Coaching

One of the key success factors of high performing Sales Organizations is the positive influence of their C - Level and Director - Level Executives.

In high functioning Sales Organizations we generally find that the company is being driven by inspiring and motivational Senior Executives. That is, their Leaders maintain strong and open communication channels with their field-level Sales Personnel; they have a clear understanding of the field reality in which their Sales Personnel are functioning; their visions and directives are delivered in a way that is clearly understood and embraced by their whole organizations, from their boardroom executives through to their most inexperienced field personnel.

Unfortunately, for many Senior Executives reaching this level of engagement with their field personnel is a significant challenge and one of the key causes we see is the “Curse of Knowledge”. That is, as Senior Executives they have a large amount of skill, knowledge and experience, and once they reach that level of experience, it is extremely difficult to empathize with their less experienced employees. For Expat Executives moving from highly developed and dynamic markets, this problem can become even more challenging when assuming the leadership of non-familiar less developed markets.

CORE Value Selling’s Executive Level Coaching provides our clients with the skills, tools and processes needed to optimize their engagement with their Sales Organization and inspire their Sales Personnel to deliver the best possible results.

Contact us today to find out how our Executive Coaching programs could help you or your organization’s leaders in optimizing their ability to drive growth in challenging markets.

Executive Sales Coaching


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