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On one hand Sales Managers have a team of Sales Professionals to lead, guide and develop so as to consistently hit their sales targets, and on the other hand Sales Managers have their own key objectives and targets to achieve. Adding to this challenge is the fact that many Sales Managers are promoted due to their high performance as Sales Professionals, rather than their ability to lead and develop a sales team.

Due to a lack of experience, training and leadership instincts, many Sales Managers struggle with time management and prioritization, and are often overwhelmed by the large number of tasks they need to complete on a day to day basis. As a result, they often have limited time to devote to the development of their Sales Professionals and drift into bad habits such as teaching and telling, rather than coaching and empowering in order to ensure their sales team exceed their sales targets.

Creating a high level of efficiency and consistency is key in developing a high performing sales organization. Unfortunately, few companies have the internal training resources needed to provide their Sales Professionals with the ongoing individualized training required to reach their true potential. At CORE Value Selling we believe your Sales Managers have the potential to become your internal sales training champions and given the right skills and methodologies, they have the ability to drive sales growth across your whole sales organization.

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