The CORE Value Concept

What is CORE Value?

The Oxford Dictionary defines Core as “The part of something that is central to its existence or character” and  

Value as “The worth of something compared to the price paid”.


In the context of Sales Optimization:

CORE represents our focus on supporting our clients in overcoming their most significant Challenges or achieving their most important Objectives.

In order to do this, we use our vast experience and knowledge to help our clients better understand the real Reasons behind the Challenges they face and support them in clearly defining the Reasons for the various Objectives they have set.

As well as understanding the Reasons, we also help our clients to better analyze the Effect their Challenges are having on them and their businesses, or what potential Effect the achievement of their Objectives could have if successfully achieved.

The Core Value Concept
Sales Optimization

Why Value?

At CORE Value Selling we have observed that the ability to demonstrate Value over and above all other options available to a client is one of the key common characteristics of the top performing Sales Professionals we work with. For this reason, our programs and processes are dedicated to supporting Sales Professionals to enhance their ability to deliver greater Value in order to maximize the potential of every sales opportunity.


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