Sales Organization Services

At CORE Value Selling our Sales Optimization solutions are designed to help our clients develop the skills, processes and methodologies necessary to drive ongoing sales growth long after our projects are complete. Our methodologies can be applied to any industry or market that involves personal interaction between the seller and the buyer.

Through our vast experience we are able to support our clients in identifying the true strengths and weaknesses of their Sales Organizations. We support them in the development of robust growth platforms from which to launch successful change management projects that can achieve faster and more significant Results than can be achieved by traditional training methodologies.

We believe sustainable sales growth requires organization wide buy-in and the commitment of all key stakeholders. Thus, CORE Value Selling programs are designed to ensure training outcomes are linked to the achievement of objectives and KPIs that are commercially relevant to the whole organization.

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Fundamental Steps of the CORE Value Selling – Sales Optimization Platform

Sales Organization Services include:

Sales Organization Audits
Sales Focused Change Management
New Product Launches
Trade Show Optimization
CRM Optimization
The Sales Optimization Platform
Sales Organization Audits

At the beginning of all Sales Optimization or Training projects we challenge our clients to explain why they are investing in consulting or training services. In many cases our clients are acting in response to poor sales performance. However, when challenged on what the real reasons are for their underperformance, few companies are able to provide fact-based information to support their hypotheses. In fact, answers tend to be based on assumptions, hearsay, and instinct rather than fact-based analysis.

For this reason, CORE Value Selling has developed a robust Sales Organization Audit process that is designed to identify a Sales Organization's true strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in order to strengthen the organization through structured and practical training.

Unlike many audit providers, CORE Value Selling not only provides a detailed report of findings and recommendations at the conclusion of the Audit, we are also able provide the recourses needed to support our clients in successfully overcoming the challenges we have identified.

Contact us today to find out more about how a Sales Organization Audit could significantly improve the return on your training and consulting investment.

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Sales Focused Change Management

At CORE Value Selling, we believe that one of the key success factors in implementing effective change within a Sales Organization is the creation of a robust Change Management strategy. This strategy must be created based on the findings of detailed analysis, and must be linked to the achievement of challenging, yet realistic objectives that will inspire the sales team to proactively implement the changes set out in the strategy.

Unfortunately, creating effective Change Management strategies that match both the company and the employee’s needs is an extremely challenging and time-consuming task, which few companies have the experience and internal recourses required to achieve the best possible results.

At CORE Value Selling, we have both the experience and methodologies needed to support our clients in the development and implementation of high impact Change Management strategies that achieve results that few companies are able to achieve through the use of their internal resources alone.

The CORE Value Selling approach to Change Management significantly reduces the number of internal meetings needed to develop and launch the strategy, frees up vital internal resources to work on other projects and provides effective implementation and follow up strategies to ensure KPIs and objectives are achieved.

Contact us today to find out more about how CORE Value Selling’s Change Management methodologies could significantly improve the outcomes of your next Change Management project.

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New Product Launches

When it comes to injecting life into a Sales Organization, few opportunities will have the same impact as a well-planned New Product Launch. For some, a New Product Launch provides an exciting opportunity to bring a new offering to their existing client base. However, if the New Product Launch involves expansion into a completely new market or the introduction of a new product portfolio that has never been seen before, a New Product Launch can be one of the most intimidating and challenging situations that Sales Professionals can face. One of the biggest challenges with a New Product Launch is that it is generally driven by Marketing or Product Development, rather than the Sales Organization. As a result, there are often large gaps in communication and expectations between those driving the project and those taking the product to market, which can often lead to catastrophic results and sales numbers far below pre-launch expectations.

At CORE Value Selling, we have developed a practical, yet highly structured approach to New Product Launches, which supports our clients in overcoming the barriers between those planning the Launch and the Sales Personnel who take the product to market. In addition to this improved communication, we also provide proven training methodologies which ensure Sales Personnel have the skills, knowledge and strategies needed to achieve the best possible results from your next New Product Launch.

The fundamental aspects of the CORE Value Selling approach to New Product Launch are replicable and provide our clients with a best practice template from which to launch all future products.

Contact us today to find out more about how the CORE Value Selling approach could significantly improve the results of your next New Product Launch.

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Trade Show Optimization

Trade Show participation is a long-standing tradition for many organizations, especially large multi-national brands who look to maintain a brand presence through participating in major annual or bi-annual events. In recent years, many organizations have begun to question the true value of Trade Show participation, as they often consume a significant portion of annual marketing budgets, yet their impact on final sale results is extremely difficult to quantify.

One of the key challenges in optimizing the outcome of Trade Show investment is a lack of pre-Trade Show sales training for the booth staff, especially the field Sales Personnel. Trade Show project leaders often assume that because their booth staff are experienced Sales Professionals, they will have no problem adapting to the Trade Show selling environment. The reality is, the selling skills needed at a Trade Show are quite different from those used in day-to-day field sales activities.

Field Sales Personnel are used to controlling who they talk to, and what topics will be discussed during sales meeting. In addition, they are used to having 15 - 60 mins to spend on each client meetings. However, at a Trade Show, booth personnel only have a few short seconds to capture the interest of their potential sales targets and a few short minutes to deliver their key messages and assess the potential of the person standing in front of them. This high-pressure environment can be an extremely challenging hurdle for many Sales Professionals to overcome.

At CORE Value Selling, our Trade Show Optimization programs are designed to support our clients in creating robust Trade Show strategies that include defined expectations and KPIs for all participants, clear overall objectives for each event and high impact Trade Show specific training for all booth personnel.

Contact us today to find out more about how CORE Value Selling can help you maximize the return on your next Trade Show investment.

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CRM Optimization

In recent times we have seen the ever-increasing influence of technology in all aspects of business, and sales is no exception. Many organizations look towards AI and other technologies such as Social Media to increase efficiency and to more effectively connect directly with their customers.

CRM software is a perfect example of technology that many companies have invested in as they seek to improve the performance of their Sales Organizations. If used effectively, CRMs have the potential to significantly improve productivity through task automation and the consolidation, and automated sharing of customer data that was previously done manually.

The challenge is, many Sales Professionals see CRMs as a “defense tool” rather than an “attack tool” that can be used to save them time, and increase their likelihood of receiving their bonuses. This perception leads to low-levels of compliance and poor quality of data entry by frontline Sales Personnel, ultimately resulting in few companies seeing the anticipated return that they expect from their CRM investment. 

Through the implementation of the CORE Value Selling Sales Process, our clients have seen a strong up take in CRM usage by their Sales Personnel who have participated in the program. This is because in order to deliver maximum Value from their clients, CORE Value Selling trained Sales Professionals realize the benefit of systematically planning, implementing and recording the outcome of all sales activities.

In line with the implementation of the CORE Value Selling Sales Process, we are able to provide our clients with the support needed in identifying the most important, relevant and productive aspects of their CRM for their Sales Personnel to focus their efforts on in order to show the maximum return for themselves and the company.

If you are struggling with the quality and compliance of your CRM maintenance, contact us today to learn how CORE Value Selling can help improve the return from your technology investment.

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The Sales Optimization Platform

The CORE Value Selling Sales Optimization Platform is a multi-faceted, full-service approach to Sales Optimization.

Our structured 4-step approach allows our clients to work with one trusted vendor throughout their Sales Optimization journey, ensuring continuity and alignment through all aspects of the project. The feedback we receive from our clients tells us that our practical and hands-on approach is more relevant and engaging than similar projects delivered by other vendors. Our clients also tell us that the advice and support we provide based on our vast field experience adds a tremendous Value and has a stronger impact than more traditional theoretical approaches to consulting and training.

At CORE Value Selling we believe our full-service approach to Sales Optimization, along with our passion and commitment to creating success through the development of your people will provide you with the most Valuable outcomes from your training and consulting investment.

Before embarking on your next sales related training or consulting project, contact us to find out how much time and money you can save by working with one trusted vendor throughout your whole Sales Optimization journey.

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