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There are various motivations behind the implementation of sales training for front-line Sales Professionals. In some cases, it may be in response to under performance, in others it may be a reward for positive sales achievement. Worst case scenario, it may just be to tick a box to keep internal stake holders happy. However, no matter what the motivation for implementation, if you are looking for genuine Value from your training investment, there are a number of key fundamentals that must be considered before you commit to investing in sales training.

Successful sales training projects must be launched off the back of structured project plans which include challenging yet attainable goals. The content must be relevant and engaging, and projects must include ongoing individualized follow up to ensure that newly acquired skills and methodologies are actually applied in order to achieve the desired results.

At CORE Value Selling we have a broad portfolio of training solutions designed to support your Sales Professionals in reaching their true potential.


CORE Value Selling Sales Professional -Services

CORE Value Selling - Sales Process
CORE Sales Call Optimization
CORE Selling Skills
CORE Value Selling - Sales Process

The CORE Value Selling - Sales Process is introduced to your team through a challenging yet engaging workshop focused approach, and provides your team with a practical approach to selling that is designed to support Sales Professionals in understanding the true Value they have to offer, from a personal, product and company perspective. Effective implementation of the CORE Value Selling - Sales Process will ensure your Sales Personnel are able to capture your client’s real needs, handle the most challenging of objections and deliver maximum Value in order to enhance their ability to close more deals.

Applicable to both B2B and B2C sales environments, the CORE Value Selling - Sales Process works both as a stand-alone process or it can be used to enhance existing internal or global sales methodologies.

The CORE Value Selling - Sales Process is based around the fundamental concept that a client will only ever purchase something when they see true Value. Thus, increasing your team’s ability to deliver Value will ultimately lead to increased sales.

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CORE Sales Call Optimization

Based on best practices identified during the observation and coaching of thousands of sales calls (meetings) across 30 different industries, CORE Sales Call Optimization is designed to ensure your sales team are effectively prepared and possess the selling skills necessary to maximize the potential of every customer interaction.

This intensive, workshop focused program will provide your Sales Personnel with the advanced planning skills and tools necessary to control their meetings, deliver Value and eliminate mistakes that can significantly impact on productivity and profitability.

This program is specifically designed for B2B sales organizations who sell through face-to-face customer interactions and is designed with the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of each client we work with, regardless of industry or market.

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CORE Selling Skills

CORE Value Selling has a diverse portfolio of skill specific training programs designed to meet the varying needs of our diverse client base.

Programs include:

  • Objection Handling
  • Key Message Delivery
  • Needs Confirmation
  • Prospecting and Lead Generation
  • Key Growth Opportunity Development
  • Key Account Management
  • Trade Show Selling
  • Sale Forecasting

For those clients who have specific needs not covered by our existing portfolio, we are happy to develop and tailor an original program to suit your needs.

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